Easy-peasy ways to help yourself and your planet

    Hey, there’s my house—wow, I have more vegetation (overgrown bamboo) than anybody, neato-torpedo.

    Oh, Hi—I was just futzing around on Solarcity.com to see if installing leased solar panels would save me on electricity and they gave me an aerial view of my house, which sort of interests me, and sort of scares the pulp out of me.

    Check out Solarcity.com to see if you could lease those panels you hear so much about—no one can afford them except Al Gore and the president.

    That is just one interesting thing I got from a press release on a new book called…well, you can read it.

    Some other tips for the hopelessly strapped:

    Chegg.com—they lease textbooks.

    Recyclebank.com—some scheme to make or save money recycling stuff. Maybe like those curly bulbs that are messing with everyone.

    Swapstyle.com is for temporarily financially inconvenienced fashionistas. Get some mileage out of someone else’s duds.

    Babies R Us.com has disposables for the little ones—and boy can they run through things.

    The book also has good advice on finding free WiFi and other moneysavers. Check out lazyenvironmentalist.com, too.

    Now, back to spying on myself. I wonder if I had my kid walk in the yard--could the spy satellite see her?

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