Teach--and live longer

    Who’s going to turn us over in the nursing home? Some kid who is now getting a terrible education out here.

    So….Maybe you can help him or her and yourself at the same time.

    There could be other health benefits for you as well. A study at Washington Univ in St Louis compared adults in Experience Corps (where you lean to tutor kids—23 cities have it, http://experiencecorps.org) with other 55 and ups and reported that not only did the tutors not report physical decline, but two-thirds of them said they were more active than before.

    Almost 85% said their circle of friends had expanded. Eighty-six percent said their lives had improved.

    Sherry Anne Rubiano wrote about this in the Arizona Republic (Apr 19, 2009).

    This Experience Corps thing teaches you to tutor kids—there are skills involved. This isn’t babysitting.

    A first grader can really challenge you! one participant said.

    One collections agent started tutoring and now is trying to become a teacher.

    The kids are also improving their tests scores.

    You can also go to http://www.seniorcorps.org to find opportunities near you.

    Foster Grandparents is another possibility.

    And don’t forget your local literacy programs.

    Come to think of it, these kids may become doctors, not bed-turner-overers.

    Also—I have seen ads on Craigs for tutors. There could be $$ in it.

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