The $90 pet fix

    Why is it always a minimum of $90 to walk in the vet? They take your dog in back (the dreaded “back”) and wait until it seems ninety bucks’ worth—I am convinced.

    I say this because my beloved dog Jim has some ear rot again, the old medicine isn’t working, and I am looking ninety bucks in the snout.

    Steve Dale, writing in USA Today Weekend, March 27, 2009, says you need to search for discounted food in today’s environment. No, not roadkill—coupons, smartie!

    You can also slowly transition your pet to a cheaper food—their tums are so sensitive, you have to phase it in.

    Some food pantries also have pet food—ask. (They also need pet food donations.)

    If the dog gets sick, ask around for low-cost vet care, maybe at a shelter or on a special weekend.

    Petsmart gives low-cost shots a couple of nights a week here.

    If your vet is an American Animal Hospital Assn clinic, you may be able to get a grant of up to $500 a year for extreme treatments needed by your pet.

    I draw the line at hot pebble massages, personally. But Jim has been shaking his head a lot. So it’s time…to…go…in…the…back.

    Sorry, boy,it’s for your own good.

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