How to hang onto that job

    Here are some tips for staying employed. And, of course, most people are.

    Take on extra work. Don’t be a pain. Arrive early. Leave late. Suck it up. Take on extra projects, try not to bother the boss about every little thing.

    Ask your boss where you stand. Try to get a one-on-one meeting. The boss may say, “I don’t know where I stand either” or “Well, I am worried about you.”

    Check out your mental health. Are you a stress-ridden wreck? Don’t show it. Eat and exercise wisely. Wear makeup if you normally ditch it sometimes, conceal those dark circles.

    Help others. Even though you are busy, help people who are less well off. It creates great, calming perspective.

    Learn new skills. If the company offers training, grab it.

    Update your resume. Spend time on it. Check it with others.

    Be confident. Go to meetings. Be seen.

    Network with everyone. Join a professional group.

    Ask yourself—If I got laid off tomorrow and could do anything I wanted, what would it be? Then ask yourself—what training could I get now to do that job?

    Personally, I want to be paid to write audio book reviews…Know anyone?

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