A penny scrounged

    One of the weirdest money saving things I ever saw was turning utility bill envelopes inside-out and using them again. It’s HARD to turn an envelope inside out. Try it.

    Recently, though, the Arizona Republic shared readers’ best tips for tough times. Besides planting a garden or line-drying sheets, some interesting ones:

    Take a home improvement class at Home Depot and do your own home repairs. (I bought a reel lawn mower at a yard sale because the weedeater and I don’t get along, and the lawn mower is still in my living room.)

    Book air trips on Tues and Wed—often cheaper.

    Make food from scratch—waffles, pancakes—and freeze.

    Carry a cooler with drinks and snacks when running errands for more than an hour.

    Use cold water for laundry.

    Water filter, people—not bottles.

    Pay off credit cards every month (good for a laugh anyway).

    Cut your own hair—I do this (hey, shut up!).

    Use coupons—heck yes—it’s all the rage!

    Give your dog baths—this didn’t work out well for me, but that’s just me, the dog will have to start his own blog with the unsavory details.

    And for heaven’s sake—no pay for view. I am discussing this with my kid when she gets up.

    I may turn HER inside out.

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