Contain yourself

    You know those shipping and storage containers they bring to your house for you to fill up? What is that were your house?

    I am always fretting abour my crackerbox and wishing I lived in a Dymaxion dome like the one Bucky Fuller lived in in Carbondale, IL, when I went to his house while in collitch.

    Very cool. Bucky was spacey, of course—talked and talked and people basked and basked, but no one seemed to know what he was saying. His house walls were curved, so his pictures were on easels, I remember.

    Now several architects, including Lorenzo Perez in Phoenix here, are using steel shipping containers and other already—built boxes to form apartments and houses.

    These ship containers cost $2,000 each and last for 50 years.

    Close to being a trailer, you say? Well, they do put in dry wall and a/c. Containers are low tech—a right door and a left door. That’s it.

    For more info, check out:

    Still, I want a bright blue dome like Bucky’s. Anyone want to test drive one at my house?

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