Grease spot on the sidewalk of life

    I am feeling crummy today, so decided to write on how to feel better.

    Our paper, the Arizona Republic, is riffing off on ways to improve your outlook.

    I usually hate sappy stuff, but here goes.

    First, get not only out of the house, but out of yourself. Volunteer for something.

    Swim (you may have a pool nearby you never use).

    Cook something weird.

    Take dance classes.

    Go to the nearest massage school and see if they give discounts.

    The outside of a dog is good for the inside of a person. I have been trying to get a spare dog, preferably one abandoned when someone had to move. The rescue people have more hoops that a barrel maker.

    Get the Singles vaccine. Sure, would love to—it costs a ton and insurance cos don’t want to pay.

    Take a hike. A hike—trees?

    Get a few laughs. I have been writing on Laugh Therapy—really, it has scientists and everything. Half an hour a day of laughing lowers BP, strengthens your immune system, and does everything else for ya except take out the trash.

    Go to or try singing Happy Birthday to someone in Ha’s, not words. Or greet someone by bursting into laughter instead of saying, “Glad to meet ya.”

    If no one throws a net over ya, you’re already having a good day.

    Write that down.

    I am counting on it myself.

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