Need money? Well, get some

    M.R, Kylis, writing in Working Mother (June/July 2009), writes about the money you have just lying around.

    First, comb the house for stuff you don’t use.

    Put the bigger ticket items on Craigs, save the rest for a garage sale.

    Come companies also have online networks where you can post items for sale.

    Reinvent garages sales. Have a reason for it—for camp money, for a wedding. Put up a sign. This personalizes it and makes people think they are helping.

    Drag your old-fashioned gold jewelry to the jeweler and see if you can unload it. You might get more selling it as gold, though. Check out

    You can also sell old computer accessories and machines at

    Or give things away and get your reward at tax time. A two-fer.

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