Meet The Perfects

    No credit cards, live within your means, jeez, who started this?

    Kidding, kidding. I am not one of these people, but I am sure they are nice to their children and pets.

    Anyhow, our paper started a search for the thriftiest evah!

    Their find was a single-income family with three adorable tots.

    Some of their suggestions to the rest of us…

    Of course, cut up those cards (does no good, they keep sending bills).

    Pay cash. Yes, many places still take it.

    Check receipts. Esp medical bills.

    Ban impulse buying. Well, yes, this is good.

    Haggle. You can ask anybody anything—even Auntie Star says so.

    Buy quality. These people made sure they had a “quality” swimming instructor for the kids. I am not sure how you determine that until it’s too late.

    Reuse. Fix things. I do this. I once had a washing machine guy come for $100
    to spin it with his hand, all better now.

    Use cloth diapers…not an issue for me, yet.

    Grab a smokin’ deal. If food is on sale—freeze it.

    Use coupons. This woman uses, let me know how to do it.

    Give each other an allowance. They give each other $40 to spend on whatever they want.

    Accept help. Their friends have done a lot of construction for them.

    Yeah—these are good ideas… And you got the snark for free, so don’t complain.

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