Out here in Cowboy Country, everyone owes more on their houses than the darn shacks are worth in today’s market.

    We used to have net worth—now we are a liability to ourselves.

    Ellen James Martin, Universal Press Syndicate, says even the most pristine huts are going begging.

    You really need to hustle.

    For one thing, you may want to hire a professional “stager” to remove excess clutter and rearrange the existing furniture or bring over something more impressive.

    This can run ya $500 or more. So ask if they can just do a few things, such as shift the furniture, for less. Go to www.realestatestagingassociation.com or google in your area.

    Throw a home-selling party. Invite your close friends and relatives who can spread the word.

    Ask your listing agent to burn up the phone lines contacting past buyers and anyone else who might be interested.

    Bring over a ton of flowering plants for outside.

    Any other ideas, readers?

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