What makes you run?

    I think everyone is looking more closely at what a good job is and what blows. At the same time, we are hanging on for dear life to jobs that may not be ideal for the insurance or the MONEY, hello.

    Yet, there are still many pretty wise, thoughtful employers out there who inspire loyalty and help employees be their best selves.

    A friend sent me a list of what really motivates people to do their best—and it isn’t fear, anxiety, just obscene bonuses, either. (These are from www.employer-employee.com)

    If employees do routine work, try to add some variety.

    Let the employees suggest ways and choices as to how they do the work.

    Encourage initiative and responsibility.

    Promote socializing and interaction between employees.

    Avoid harsh criticsm.

    Develop goals and challenges for employees.

    Provide encouragement and appreciation.

    Develop ways to show performance increases.

    Here are some human desires: desire for activity, ownership, power, affiliation, competence, recognition, and meaning.

    Give employees those and you're golden…Employees will accept pay cuts, changes in hours, furloughs, and all the rest—knowing a better day is coming.

    Yes, a better day is coming, but I caution you that it won't ever be the same as it was. Adjust accordingly.

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