Divorces cost

    Remember those stories of feuding couples who cut the house down the middle with a chainsaw. Who can even afford that anymore?

    Kara G. Morrison, writing in the Arizona Republic (June 15, 2009), says people are putting off their divorces for lack of cash.

    One woman said her divorce took her from Nordies to Wal-Mart in 24 hours—and her friends are feeling bad enough now and looking at her example.

    What about the idea that bad times cause divorces? Still, kinda true…it’s just that the housing market, here in AZ anyhow, is so pathetic, no one can move on with their lives.

    This is the asset people usually divided.

    So people stay in the same house and have rules of engagement. They sort of establish themselves in given rooms. Lawyers can even help set the rules.

    Sometimes this is because of “collaborative divorce,” a new trend where each party hires an attorney but agrees to settle out of court.

    Until then, separate rooms, mediation maybe, waiting.

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