Aw, you'll never wear it again

    Christina Binkley, WSJ, June 4, 2009, says many women who have hauled their preserved wedding dresses around from place to place are now selling them.

    It’s not like they will wear them again.

    Will their daughters want to? One woman said the chance was slim.

    Having bad luck with eBayers and Craigsers, one woman started

    Now there are almost 2500 gowns on the site.

    It’s often not a matter of sending it off, though—sometimes women want to try on and local sellers are preferred. One seller met the bride-to-be at a dry cleaners in case it was a weird scam or something.

    Another woman found the dress of her dreams in a store—then googled it…Saved almost $800.

    My sister wore Mom’s dress to her first wedding. Me, I never thought about the dress or even a dress. I guess women do, though.

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