Surviving when others are falling

    More layoffs and you are not laid off. Can you deal with the weird mixture of relief, anger, fear, depression, dread, and regret?

    It depends on how the company went about the layoffs, experts say. If they did it with respect—rather than frog-marching people to their cars on Friday—you will have an easier time staying loyal and working harder.

    Note to employers: It helps if the company tells remaining staff the business justification for the layoffs. I read today that one little company had to drop health insurance, but did keep people on? How would you feel about that?

    Someone in command needs to say he or she made the decision—not just that a “decision was made.”

    People process better if they can ask questions, employers. If you are not being laid off see if you can find out where you stand.

    If they have already cut a lot of things that make staying less desirable, remember, you still have a job.

    This may be why “suck it up” was invented. Or maybe just the expression, "This sucks."

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