Can't afford child care anymore?

    Sue Shellenbarger writes in the WSJ (May 20, 2009) that some couples are scrambling to keep an eye on the ball and the tots at the same time.

    They trade off the kids in the parking lot before one has to go to a meeting and the other has to spell him or her with the kids.

    This has resulted in Dad doing more.

    The whirl is considered so stressful that it is compared with a treadmill test at the cardiologist’s.

    Some couples will survive (meaning marriage), the article said, some will not.

    We are talking shared child care here and scheduling, are we not? Come on!

    Psychologists say try to concentrate on the love and why you married the person when the arrangements get frustrating or overwhelming.


    And of course, be grateful you have two people to trade off. What do single parents do? I had child care and it was still a juggling act.

    But we all survived.

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