"The Secret"--you don't know the half of it

    Remember that smash called "The Secret," basically positive thinking leading to fabbie wealth and success?

    The author, Rhonda Byrne, sold 2 million of these. Made Harry Potter look like a dweeby little chump.

    That was 2007.

    Then, as Steve Salerno said in the WSJ (May 1, 2009), something happened to the economy. The faithful, as he put it, were left standing at the curb visualizing that Ferrari while the repo man took the Ford.

    Seems “The Secret” left out some vital things—things that will only cost you $97 to get. It’s called “11 Forgotten Laws.”

    Basically this and other “after market” books say, “Recession, don’t play.”

    One guy even said the San Diego fires had hopped over the houses of the positive thinkers.

    As Salerno put it: THIS might be something you want to refuse to participate in.” We may be broke, but we had help getting this way, and aren’t this stupid.

    Ooops, did that sound negative? Guess it did.

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