All about technology now

    I should talk—some of my friends think I am a dino for being on AOL and so on. And I don’t twitter since I heard the term “digital macarena.” I can find plenty of ways to waste time and I am fairly sure my friends don’t want my daily schedule since they don’t even read this blog—which could actually help them.

    But Chad Graham, Arizona Republic, May 7, 2009, says no matter how old you are, you need to get on the box. Of course—you are reading this, so you are on the box. Duh.

    For one thing, people submit resumes online now. You can meet your next employer on Linked In (maybe).

    It used to be: send the resume, and wait. Now, send the resume and send another one, you may never hear anything, so you can’t wait.

    You must also remember that employers google and go to Facebook and the other spacy-facies.

    Blogging, though, can help you. It depends. If you are doing a job search blog—like Martin Piraino (, this can help you.

    Whatever you do, be careful what’s out there…I had one would-be client who knew all about my ruined right eye ( and asked me if I could see well enough to type.

    Most days, yes. But lesson noted.

    In my case, my role in life is Tiresome Gadfly, so it’s OK. You should take heed, though. The pix of the gang at the Dead concert have to go.

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