Hippies redux

    What goes around…well, you know the rest

    Co-housing is the new buzzword for seniors, meaning those boomers who used to munch sprouts and play guitars in communes.

    Your humble here even was active in a yoga ashram for 10 yrs.

    Silver Sage is is one such compound-like deal. Elderspirit Community at Trailview in Virginia is another. But the US only has three—Denmark has 250.

    The big three things residents avoid—isolation, boredom and helplessness.

    They give each other permission to get info from the hospital. They cook for each other if one is sick.

    My female friends and I have thought of this—combine our meager funds, live someplace. We would require a pool and a very cute pool man, naturally. And a bartender. Like the Love Boat on land.

    But for now, I am busy taking care of my mother. I live my life and hers.

    At least it’s not lonely.

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