Make a list--and stick with it

    I think I may have mentioned using a grocery list as a way of saving money in the store.

    Did you know the first one found was 80 AD—a Roman army list. I thought they had pillaging for that, what do I know.

    Anyway, Timothy Martin writes about this mundane little item in the May 5, 2009 WSJ.

    One woman said she was spending $100 at the store and coming home with only bread and milk. A man said he got home with three kinds of toll house cookies and nothing else. Something had to give!

    One woman organizes her list on her iPhone, which then removes every item as she buys it.

    Most people are using coupons, too—what do you think of those creepy systems to enter your foods on the computer so the coupons can be sent to your store card…At least Big Nephew, if not Big Brother.

    Still…Meijer, a groc co in the Midwest, links people’s weekly meal plans to coupons for the foods on them.

    Another person in the story went online and found recipes for the Chinese food her family loves. Saves $50 a meal.

    I remember the first time I went to someone’s house and her mother made Chinese food—and get this, she was not Chinese! I was amazed.

    The site is getting a lot of action. is also huge.

    Check out to learn how to make a list.

    Going to a website to learn to make a shopping list. What will the "kids" think of next?

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