"Hire me, or else." How many characters is that?

    A Dutch marketing agency is asking applicants to apply in 140 characters or less—I guess that’s the internationally recognized good length for pith now—thanks to Twitter.

    That word contains the word “twit,” have you noticed? Just sayin’.

    So that’s it now? The “elevator pitch” is now an extra-wordy haiku?

    I am tempted to end this post there—after all, wouldn’t want anyone to have to do that tiresome reading.

    But of course, I can’t shut up. I am a communicator. We all need to communicate—not compress.

    We are not mimes and the whole world is not one big Anime.

    The New York Times has a regular section where you pick one word that describes the economy…click on it…

    (Forget it it—that word is taken.)


    Like that one? See? I can be post-literate.

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