Ah, places to vent

    As anyone who has ever met me knows, I am all about the venting.

    According to Joseph De Avila, WSJ. May 28, 2009, some New Yorkers went to LaidOff Camp and instead of hearing speakers blab about the joys of starting your own business, the session turned into a major bitch fest.

    These LaidOff thingies are appearing around the country. You can not only complain, but meet people and maybe even get advice on surviving or going on your own.

    These camps and meetings emanate from social networking and come together fast.

    A favorite complaint is job fairs—waiting hours for a crummy selection of employers, Sometimes people waited to belly up and learn to sell Avon.

    Not what they had in mind.

    If you want to find a place to have a drink and socialize and BITCH without employers getting mad at you, check out www.laidoffcamp.com, www.outofworkchicago.com, www.the405club.com, or www.layoffmoveon.com.

    Then, feel free.

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