Overqualified--or undersmart?

    Jane Porter (WSJ, May 26, 2009) reports that a NY woman sent out 100 resumes to receptionist jobs, but got only one callback. Then she took her Master’s off of it. The calls started coming.

    Many people are willing to take a pay cut to have some job these days, but can’t get the chance.

    Still, recruiters don’t like this because if the person lies on the resume--even to underplay experience—lying is lying.

    Yet, some applicants try not to look so senior-level if they can. Instead of manager, they may use the term office support.

    Even some agencies now suggest this.

    But once you have done it, your resume may no longer get you the interviews for the job you really want.

    Tough call. Maybe if you are smart enough to work the situation this way, you deserve the better job.

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