Retirement? What's that?

    Personally, I don't “get” retirement. Is work so bad you looked forward your whole life to driving around in an RV or something? Everyone is different.

    It is so hard to get work now, though, I guess I am retired. I drag in a third of what I used to, worry, and play with my animals—is that retired? If it is, I retirement blows (except for my animals).

    Of course, for people planning a retirement, the funds have slipped away now in many cases. Apparently, some hotshot bankers and politicians needed the money more, gave it to their buds, disappeared it or took it or something. Anyhow, we don’t have it.

    William Arnold, who writes an “Aging” column in the Arizona Republic, says staying at work helps you “add” to your retirement funds—doesn’t he mean, replace some fraction?

    Job loss for those over 50 has almost doubled in the last five months.

    And let’s not be too gentle—it’s damn hard for someone over 55 to find new employment—taking an average of 25 weeks or more (that’s 18 weeks for the youngsters).

    Older people may have to change fields—and should look for jobs that can’t be whipped out from under them and sent overseas.

    “Great Jobs Under the President’s Stimulus Plan” is a book by Laurence Shatkin. He suggests getting into pest control, waste management, funerals and tax collection.


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    Remember what Auntie Star always says: You only need one job, not a healthy economy.

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