Cautious new world

    The other night on Southland, a cop show, the cops saw some kids had posted themselves surrounding a dead woman in an alley and wearing jewelry she had on in earlier shots.

    We’re not in Kansas anymore, kids.

    One company manager reprimanded people home sick for posting on Facebook. Well—he must have been WELL and looking at Facebook.

    The head of Domino’s had to apologize publicly when some employees posted “booger pizza” pix on YouTube.

    Another real deep thinker posted a tweet that said he got a job at Cisco but would hate the work there. A Cisco person saw it and informed the stupid job hunter that Cisco sort of knew its way around the web and tough for him because he wasn’t getting the job.

    Some people have posted on bad doctors—ooops, the docs sued.

    Some people do LinkedIN for work, Facebook for friends.

    Remember the phrase “never the twain shall meet”? Maybe not in olden times. Now, “twains” have a way of hooking up.

    You don’t want your clients subjected to your cat pix or the lampshade on your head at a party.

    Do they still have lampshades?

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