Can't move? Paint--but save

    Tania Anderson, Washington Post, has some tips on how to save on paint to spruce up that upsideown house you can’t sell.

    If the house is on the market and you want it to look its best, consider a lower grade paint for interiors—people will probably repaint anyway.

    If you think the walls will need to be cleaned all the time, use a higher base paint (attn, people with tots). So-called “builders grade” will not stand up to Mr Clean.

    Look online for coupons, watch the ads and emails from home or paint stores.

    Ask for a discount in the store—esp if you are buying many gallons.

    If you are hiring a painter—ask if that person gets discounts.

    Maybe a more expensive paint will require fewer coats—think it over.

    Don’t buy the best brushes and so on for a small project.

    Readers? Any other tips?

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