Lessons from the gang

    Mainstreet.com has some job hunting tips from the past.

    OK—they had bad jobs and were bad at getting them. Remember George lying on the floor for some reason to get a phone to give himself a fake reference? Of course, he did work for the Yankees for a while until Steinbrenner noticed.

    Only Jerry had a career—Mainstreet reminds us. Comedian. It helps to be funny and a pig for punishment to get that job.

    Elaine had a few office jobs (lesson: never dance at an office party), then ran into Peterman while shopping. Retail networking! The lesson: Don’t just pump out electronic sendoffs, talk to people. GET OUT!

    Kramer had little gigs here and there—like selling coats with Jerry’s father, something like that. Or was it CDs? I think he also sold those.

    Newman had a govt job—or quasi-govt. The Post Office. They are laying off now, though.

    Didn’t George also live with his parents for quite a while…Also an approach. And it’s helpful at Festivus.

    The real lesson in Seinfeld? You can not work at much of anything and still afford to live in New York.

    Good to know.

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