I see...wait a minute...a little gold bar in your hand

    According to Alia Beard Rau, Arizona Republic, October 9, 2009, more Arizonans have given up on the pundits and are going to the madams.

    No, not that kind of madam—the Madam Knowitall types, psychics and astrologers.

    Some people can’t afford their periodic check-ins, but the economy has created many replacements. Business is good!

    People want to know if they will be fired or ask when the economy will improve.

    Hey, beats listening to Bernanke, which now says we’re A-OK.


    Psychics are good at career paths.

    Still, most people are interested in happiness and finding a mate.

    Interestingly, the psychics interviewed said they think the more "spiritual" outlook will last, even when the money starts to flow.

    Incidentally, I read where is doesn’t cost too much to hang out a shingle—could be a living if you are so inclined.

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