Are these the vibes you are emitting?

    Rachel Zupek, a writer for, says there are ways to come off as the ideal employee. Do you?

    First, employers want to see long-term potential in you. You need to know the company’s path and future and express how you fit into it.

    You need to seem to be a team player, able to work with others. Being all irritated with the interviewer—bad start.

    You need to show you are aware you will make or save the company money.Be specific. Metrics! (Stupid word for numbers and stats that show something.)

    Yes, you need an impressive resume.

    Is your work experience relevant? Managers don’t have time to train, critique, coax, etc. You need to hit the ground running.

    Show your creative problem-solving skills. Things are shifting fast in business.

    You need a strong social networking presence, according to this writer. And remember—employers may see it, divorces, bankruptcies, stupid breakups, and all.

    Be a multitasker—ask for more assignments when you get the job. Ask to cross train.

    Fit in the culture—If the people wear jeans, wear jeans. Same for suits and skirts.

    Be enthusiastic. I used to hire people in the Wayback, and you’d be amazed how many forgot to say they were interested in the job, wanted it, were excited.

    Ask for the job. The worst thing they can say is no. Or: We are going another direction. Or: We had so many good applicants, etc…

    People hire for many different reasons. I once hired a woman because it came up in the interview that she had once had lunch with Mick Jagger. OK, I was young. But—heck—she stayed seven years and got promoted twice. She even outlasted me.

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