Job hunting on the cheap

    Some people call the LinkedIn Profile the new resume. (I object to the paid version of LI that only allows three “enhanced” contacts for $25 a mo.)

    Answer the LinkedIN questions—raise your profile.

    Join some LinkedIn groups.

    If you went to college, see if your alumni or college employment office has job listings not shown elsewhere.

    Put your resume on Monster and refresh it every 10 days. Job coaches can charge a lot and need some certification—look for that. Resume writers want about $200 on average.

    If you go to another city for an interview—see if you can line up more than one interview there. Stay with a friend if you can. You can also ask the prospective employer if they pay—some do.

    Remember—job hunting is tax deductible—keep receipts. You may soon have a salary to pay taxes on—and can deduct these outlays.

    That would be a big—all together now—YAY!

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