Volunteering can "free" you

    I don’t mean the kind of volunteering in which someone with no money or ability to get capital mounts a “start-up” and expects you to work for free until money flows in—flows, hah!

    I mean the kind of volunteering that can put your newly spare time to some use, give you some momentum and structure in your day, some laughs, some feeling of accomplishment, and can even get you next to people who might know of or have paid work.

    Look for a group that you believe in.

    See if your skills—such as organization—can be applied to a new area—say animals.

    See if you can learn a new field or new information in your chosen field.

    Make sure you don’t get overcommitted. Know when to say no. Remember the saying about volunteer politics—There is never more conflict than when so little is at stake.

    You may have to pass a background check. Good to know if there is anything lurking there.

    Just get out there—shake it up—talk to people and maybe even help someone.

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