You can find a job--you will find one

    Have you—

    Added a sig line to all your emails, even when mailing your friends? Amazingly, they may be thinking of themselves and forget to find you a job. Remind them. Also put in your LinkedIn site. As for Facebook and the others, make sure your site is clean, no nudies or crudies.

    Used twitter. I don’t know from Twitter so you are on your own with this. But they say to do it.

    Put an admiring quote from someone in your res and lose the “References available" blah-blah.

    Sounded human in your resume—not all jargony. "Team player working independently" and that stuff.

    Put audio on your profiles? Or video? You can download Audacity for free.

    I used to run an employment mission at my church in DC—President Clinton even gave us his personal check once for our work.

    That reminds me—see if your church has such a mission. They are good places to network, bitch, and use the computers.

    We had such a mission here in Chandler AZ, too—now defunct. They got jobs in there that you did not see elsewhere. So ask. Or start one—you could see the jobs first.

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