Hmmm...crossing guard...a little seasonal?


    Bummer to drop the health humor site ( has to hurt. Brilliant idea to blog on coping w economic depression. Speaking of which, I am good at vision and years ago I sensed the stock market was going to tank. So, when the Dow was 11,300, I transferred all my funds to secure, stable investments. Then the Dow went up over 14,000. Every man, woman, dog, and cat between Mars and Venus was raking it in, except me. That didn't feel so hot. So when the Dow started to sink, I cleverly waited until it hit 11,300 and jumped back in with both feet and chose aggressive investments.

    What I've learned is that, if everyone suffers, we're all in it together. If I'm the only sucker suffering, I feel like an idiot. At this point my 401k will buy a good upscale meal in Northern Virginia. But I keep reminding myself that it's not real money until I cash it in, so I haven't lost a dime. I may, however, be scouting out job openings for school crossing guards.

    Bill Neugent

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