Neighborhood cleanup could help you clean up

    Well, no one will ever “clean up” again in this country, so sad. But you know what I mean.

    I am shelling a very much wanted $75 to get some weeds eaten today—in the hopes that the house across the street will sell and for good bucks. Or two-thirds of what used to be good bucks here.

    I am no saint. But this helps me and keeps the still-employed neighborhood cops from coming—they always have money to pay them!—for my over-6-inch grass.

    If you have an older person in your neighborhood maybe they no longer have money for yard work—and you could pitch in.

    The vacant yards, weeds, and occasional graffiti witticisms make nabes look crummy.

    Some cities are buying vacant houses and rehabbing them for the homeless. Or just spending their “stimulus” pork on buying them and tearing them down—motive unknown.

    I don’t see why banks don’t start charging the person rent when they can’t pay the mortgage and wait for this to sort out. We are being told, anyway, that this will sort out at some point.

    Me? Personally? I am not confident. When Citibank is propped one day to the tune of billions and a week later says, “We’re good,” this is utter nonsense to me.

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