Job hunting--retro and new

    Sometimes the old is new again. Newspaper ads (while we still have newspapers), signs in windows of stores…Don’t overlook those. One hotel chain even has a marquee that says Managers Needed.

    Job fairs—been to one lately? I hear fewer companies want to come, but these do help you keep it local.

    Join the chamber of commerce—go mix with people with businesses.

    How about networking groups—they cost a lot, so ask around about them first.

    One guy stands by the highway with his resume “bullets” on a sign. He wears a suit.
    (He brought a chair in case he gets tired.)

    Here are some more sites. You never know.

    I wish I could give that highway guy a job. But I can hardly get in any work myself.

    My kid—hurray!—did get one! Finally! See? Dreams can come true.

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