Farmers markets salt of the earth now

    One problem with the farmer’s market we have here—weekday afternoon at rush hour.

    I would go every Saturday if I could. Apparently the farmers can’t, though.

    One of our local markets also got too craft-showy. Too many handmade tea cozies and no zucchini.

    I remember two we had in DC—yes, downtown. One was on the Hill—Eastern Market. The other was in Adams-Morgan, the boho section of town. Cheese, honey, fresh greens, cookies, yummo!

    Some people also buy shares in a farmer. Check this out from my old site, Health’s Ass.

    Or there are co-ops, where someone delivers produce to you once a week or so.

    Do you do any of these? Have any other ideas for cheap food?

    In the last Depression, people sold apples. I don’t have any apples, though.

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