Lose the cliched wedding cake

    Lisa A. Flam, AP, is no hopeless romantic. Have you priced a wedding these days? That big old cake could break you!

    Instead, a Phoenix couple rolled out their own favorite—gelato. Another couple scooped the spumoni.

    “We’re not cake eaters,” sniffed one bride. (I, however, know a guy who agreed to get married just FOR the cake, but as usual, I digress.)

    Cupcakes are another option. Or cheesecake (which I count as cake, although the teeny bride and groom statues may sink).

    How about an ice-cream sundae bar?

    Lollipops? (OK, on the cheapster side.)

    How about candy necklaces? Or a cotton candy machine?

    I would get our neighborhood ice-cream man, Grampa, to officiate over dessert—when he gets out of jail, that is.

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