When I saw this term in a story by Jaimee Rose in the Arizona Republic (Mar 17, 2009), I thought, whaaa? Time off with an animal?

    But no, it mean “furlough vacation,” which is more accurately described as “sweating out your pay cut trying to think positively.”

    You are not being paid, feeling the bad feeling, and still have time on your hands to feel the bad feeling even more sharply.

    On the good side, I hear many charities are overrun with volunteers. This is good.

    This would drive me nuts, though, because companies say workers cannot even check email or lift a finger (some legalistic bushwa) while on “furlough.”

    A columnist named Clay Thompson just got off furlough and was not amused. Before he was tossed, he said he felt like a soldier who should be heading for the USO show.

    Do the big boys—say AIG—go on furlough, too? Do they have to sit in the kiddie pool and then chow down on Kraft Dinner?

    Come on—guess. Do they?

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