Humor in hell

    Kelly Dinard, AP, writes that composing your farewell email is a lost art.

    One guy titled his: Free food in the employee lounge.

    “These are tough times,” he wrote. "You will be pleased to know I have begun work on my long-delayed book and instructional DVD titled, “Rhymes with Truck: How to Use Profanity in Every Sentence.”

    Star: I have that one!

    Some people write long, Oscar-thank you type notes. Others are more, shall we say, direct, Dinardo says.

    Of course, the so-called "grownups" warn against bitterness—it could hurt your job search.

    One man got a lot of mileage out of quoting Macauley Culkin in “Home Alone.”

    “This is it,” the tot says at one point, “don’t be scared now.”

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