We can say that I am not going 2011 [Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III for admission can be analyzed just like Newton and a camera. Below, and video, here's a quick bit of impressive public speaking.

         I got it now my socks are there, and nothing to lose, right? This moment right here, it's incredibly ratification. It's incredible that in a moment, and I was amazed what happens when great things. It is to believe the great things that only happen through hard work. Art Briles is a great coach always says great things come only with great effort, and we certainly have worked for this purpose.

         That's right, and everyone associated with Baylor University has reason to celebrate tonight. To my colleagues, I would like to say thank you. As we say, and hotter, heat, and the difficulty of steel. No pressure, not domination. We compete, we win. We Baylor. We are Baylor, Baylor and always will be, but it's up to us to define what that means, and the Heisman Trophy is only the beginning of that process.

         Baylor to a nation, and I say this is the kind of moment forever, and may we be blessed to get more of the many like it in the future. God has a plan, and it is our duty to fulfill it, and in this moment we have.

         With my father and my mother, my fiancee, my sisters, my niece beautiful, to my family, my friends, my colleagues and, for Briles coach and coaching staff, to management Baylor and Ken Starr, the city cove copperas and the city of Waco, and all the nation Baylor say thank you all for your support of love, through the tough times surgeries such as knee and glorious moments such as this one.

         Thank you for the confidence Heisman Trophy winners and all the Heisman Trophy who has given me the opportunity to be part of this family.

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