Alyson Hannigan

    In the former "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" star and her husband (and fellow "Buffy" graduate), Alexis Denisof, are expecting their first child the second, and the representative emphasized on Twitter.

    Yes, I'm pregnant! This time the child is not food, "she tweeted on Friday, before returning to the tweet in September, where the star shot down pregnancy rumors after she was spotted with a bump by saying it was simply eaten" a lot of carnival food. "

    It will be the second child for Alison and Alexis, who welcomed daughter Satyana in March 2009.

    Fortunately, pregnancy does not cause any issues Alison imaging to show the CBS star, "How I Met Your Mother," as her character, Lily, is currently pregnant on the show.

    Actress, 37, will be quite busy gal.

    In addition to the imminent arrival and sitcom, CBS, Alison soon be seen on the big screen in "American Pie" the coming revival of "American Reunion".

    Set of the film, which unites the original cast of "American Pie" franchise, arriving in theaters April 6, 2012.

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