Hot Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs - Getting the Tattoo Sleeve That You Will Love

    Have you been considering getting a half sleeve tattoo designs?  Getting sleeved as most tattoo enthusiasts and artists cal it is very popular these days.  In the not to recent past tattoos were not as socially acceptable and getting full or half sleeve tattoo designs was out of the question for the general public and usually reserved for the more hardcore tattoo enthusiasts and tattoo artists who could get such large tattoos and not have to worry about their jobs or any social issues associated with such big tattoos.  However, today tattoos are more socially acceptable then ever before.  They have almost become mainstream and having  large tattoo like a sleeve does not carry with it the social issues or concerns that once did.
    However, if you are considering getting a half sleeve tattoo you might not be sure what design to get or how to go about getting a design that you really like.  The one fear that every person getting a tattoo has is will I still be in love with this tattoo in another  fifteen years?  This article will help you identify some designs that will be something you love and also give you some guidance on getting the ink done.
    What Are Half Sleeve Tattoos
    A sleeve tattoo is pretty much like what the name says. It is a tattoo design that goes on your arm like a shirt sleeve.  It will cover the area of the arm completely with the design.  There are of course full sleeves, half sleeves, and quarter sleeves.  A full sleeve goes from wrist to shoulder.  A half sleeve goes from shoulder to elbow and a quarter typically goes from wrist up to the middle of the forearm.
    The Perfect Tattoo Design
    Finding the right design can be frustrating.  People spend a lo of time searching out the perfect design for their tattoo and a lot of people feel frustrated after searching and not finding what they want.  The problem is people go about trying to find a design the wrong way.  Typically they look trough tons and tons of flash end photographs of tattoo designs that people already have.  As they search they hope to find the exact design that they want.  In other words they are looking for an tattoo that they can just copy.  However, if you want something that you will really love this is the wrong way to go about it.
    Instead of starting with the end result first you should start at the beginning.  By looking at finished pieces of art work and finished tattoos you are starting with the end in mind.  Instead, start at the beginning by thinking about what you want the tattoo to represent.  Is the tattoo a memorial piece, or do you want the tattoo to express something about your personality or something that you value and hold close?  Once you decide what you want the tattoo t represent then you can start thinking about designs that express those ideas. Instead of looking for an exact tattoo to copy try to find designs that you are drawn to and designs that express in images what you want your tattoo to represent.  Then you can combine all of the different designs as a resource and work with a professional tattoo artist to come up with the final design.  Most tattoo artists appreciate it when you bring in some reference materials to help guide their work.  However, they are also professional artists and they take pride in their work.  So give them some ideas and references about what you want but don't stifle them or lock them into a design.  Instead give them the materials and idea you have and let them work their magic.  If you don't like the drawing they come up with you can always change it.  Any good artist will want to draw up a design that you are happy with and they are typically happy to make changes early.  once you agree to the drawing however make sure you like the design 100% because you don't want to make any changes after that.   
    Tattoo Artist
    One of the most important steps in the process of getting a tattoo is choosing the right tattoo artist.  If you go into the shop and start talking with the artist and you get a snobbing feeling then just thank them for their time and walk out.  You want to find a tattoo artist that will listen to your ideas.  Find someone that will take the time to work with you and take your ideas and make them into a final tattoo design.  If you have a connection with them and trust their work then you will end up with a much better tattoo design.

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