Powerful Statements - The Lotus Tattoo

    Tattoos are a great way to express your individuality. As a matter of fact, there are a wide range of tattoos that carry their own meaning and symbolism specifically intended to convey a symbolic visual representation. All you have to do is simply choose from the many available tattoo designs that you encounter.
    A great choice for a tattoo design is from among the many different kinds of flowers. Lots of people choose floral tattoos and one type that has become popular is the lotus flower tattoo. As well as being a beautiful and exotic plant the lotus flower holds some strong, unique, and deep meanings.
    The symbolism behind the lotus flower is directly related to how the lotus flower begins its life and continues to grow. Imagine a body of still water in the depths of a tropical forest; when you think of the bottom of that pond, it becomes difficult to imagine anything pleasant. Perhaps the first term you would associate with that type of water is "pond scum". Yet, this is where the bdautiful and majestic lotus flower begins to grow.
    The lotus flower begins its growth at the bottom of the pond as a small bud attached to a vine. Gradually, the vine climbs toward the surface of the water though strangely the bud of the lotus flower faces downward whilst the vine grows toward the sunlight. But as the bud gets closer to the surface it finally turns to meet the sunlight. When the vine has grown long enough for the bud to become clear of the water it blossoms into a stunning flower.
    The symbolism attached to all this is the miracle that something so beautiful could begin its life and develop from the depths of such slimy muck. When it finally finds the sunshine of the daylight and grows free of the muck and the slime, it blossoms into something very beautiful. Some of the meanings of a lotus tattoo are below:
    * It represents a separated love and the nostalgia associated with it.
    * It sometimes symbolizes birth as well as the real beauty deep within.
    * It represents a new beginning in life.
    A lotus flower tattoo can represent something truly significant and, provided they are drawn well, they are also very beautiful to look at. If you can find a tattoo artist who can truly capture the essence and beauty of a lotus flower on your skin, a lotus flower tattoo on your body can be a work of beauty. Most lotus flower tattoos reflect the range of vibrant colours they have in real life.
    If you are planning to have a tattoo inked onto your skin, a lotus tattoo design is indeed a great choice and you will certainly be able to flaunt your tattoo with confidence and pride anytime you want. So, what are you waiting for, go grab your own tattoo with a lotus flower design now.

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