kim jong il

    Kim presided over the repressive regime in the world, and closer than ever to the real life version of the 1984 Orwell. Soviet communism was even a relatively mild in comparison. He was responsible for hundreds of thousands dead, many of them as a result of the famine created the political of the 1990s, which is easy to reinforce the authority of the system. It is also known that the strange obsessions are different, such as his plan to resolve the food shortage in North Korea, the government created by breeding giant rabbits. This scheme has been broken literally Hare minds short when the "Dear Leader" I ate the first few giant rabbits imported from Germany at a ceremony gala birthday.

    An interesting question for the immediate future is whether the North Korean government to survive the death of Kim relatively unchanged. Kim tried to install his son as his successor, just as his father, Kim Il Sung was with him. We hope that things do not go as planned Dear Leader.

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