republican debate

    Social television these days usually means your application Rafiq felt that enables you to Tweet along with your friends and colleagues, fans, while I was watching TV. These applications work best for live events (once in the remaining life of the DVR when a large block of people actually watch this event at the same time). IntoNow, and purchased by Yahoo and implementation began in Bad in the last month, in partnership with the ABC network to provide live public vote during the Republican debate tonight for people who "feature" debate within the application.

    If you were not familiar with IntoNow, is like Shazam for television programs. With one click, it brings together the profile of the sound from microphone, Bad and the numbers show what you're watching. Then you can see tweets relevant and harmony where Adam Kahane, the founder of IntoNow who still leads the product in the Yahoo, came through our office in New York to give us a demo of the application Bad new. The video is above.

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