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    Tested the National Association MVP Ryan Brown positive banned substance and is attractive to avoid the suspension of 50 for the game, according to people familiar with the case - New York.

    The two sources ESPN Saturday in reporting for the first time as a result of this, saying that baseball Milwaukee Brewers positive test high ldvels of testosterone, he said, adding that the test at a later time by the agency laboratories World Anti-Doping in Montreal determine testosterone and synthetic.

    A spokesman for Brown said in a statement issued on ESPN and the Associated Press that "there are unusual circumstances surrounding this very issue, which will support Ryan full of innocence."

    "There was absolutely no deliberate violation of the program," said Matthew Hiltzik in a statement sent by the representatives of Fielder four times All-Star left.

    "Although the character of Ryan has been impeccable, and they have no prior history, unfortunately, because of the process we have to maintain confidentiality and are not able to discuss the matter further, but we are confident that he will be exonerated in the end," he said.

    Major League Baseball does not announce positive experiences and penalties in drug cases involving the initial positives until the completion of all arbitration.

    He said people familiar with the situation is still the case being appealed to an arbitrator under the anti-drug program in the MLB, the Associated Press. The people spoke on condition of anonymity because the appeal is still ongoing, Brown said, and others involved in the appeals process, and known for a positive test since late October.

    Usually what I have heard calls by arbitrator Shyam Das. He said one of the people's appeals process is not likely to conclude until January at the earliest. The person also said that the Associated Press reported that after the test is positive, and asked Brown to be the last test of the urine taken, and the second test was within the normal range.

    If suspended, Mr Brown will not be eligible to play with the NL Central champion until May 31 at Dodger Stadium, to prevent any delay. He said he will miss the first 57 days in the league this season, the Great, where he lost about $ 1.87 million from the salary of $ 6 million for it.

    Brown hit a 28-year, 2007 NL Rookie of the year, with 33 homers .312 and 111 RBIs last season and led the championship series to Milwaukee NL, where he lost to the Brewers in the World Championship at the end of the day champion St. Louis Cardinals.

    Brown has already signed through 2015 when the Brewers gave him a new deal running through 2020, which added $ 105 million, and secured him a total of 145.5 million dollars over a decade.

    With the seven-time MVP Barry Bonds facing the government next week on obstruction of justice conviction to give the answer elusive to the distribution of a grand jury investigating the drug, and Roger Clemens faces trial April of charges that he lied to a congressional committee when he denied using PEDs will focus on drugs in baseball does not go away.

    There are still only two comments this year to improve the performance of materials under the major league drug. Suspended Colorado catcher Eliezer Alfonzo's 100 games in September for violating the second. Select the annual report of the official anti-drug program on the content of what the independent methenolone, which is contained in the steroids that are sold under the brand name Primobolan.

    Tampa Bay Outfielder Manny Ramirez, face a test of positive PED II, retired in April and missed the final 156 games this season. Ramirez wants to play next year, according to the agreement this month between MLB and the players' association that he will be suspended for the first 50 games of next season. Ramirez was suspended, and then with the Los Angeles Dodgers, for 50 games in May 2009 for the initial violation.

    In addition, the suspended Milwaukee pitcher Mark Rogers for 25 games in the month of August for testing positive for banned stimulants.

    Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig, former owner of Brewer, has said time and time again to clean up the sport and in the past few years, and the tightening of the rules of their experiences.

    "It's the most powerful sports program in America today," said last month when it agreed management and players on the new employment contract, which includes a blood test for the first time for human growth hormone upon the arrival of the players to spring training next year.

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