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    December 19, 2004. I will never forget that day. I spent more than that outside, gathered under the umbrella extends to it from the HEC Edmundson Pavilion. I was a student and then lingered content for hours on end to get a good seat in the Husky basketball games.

    Played the Huskies North Carolina that day. That was on Sunday. After PM 5:00 a tip on the west coast.

    By only one year, the Dawgs had a radar. If they were in the midst of a four-year sterility systems training, which lasted Mon But then they started off the 2004 calendar year by winning ballgames. Here, they returned to their importance by making the championship NCAA '04. Now came here we were, after nine months, and Washington in the early stages of the 2004-2005 season, 18 in the nation, and played an important game against a competitor at the national level in place.

    Vpk and marched in Seattle ranked 12th in the country. They bent on bringing undefeated 8-0 record with them to Bank of America Arena. He led by six feet and seven inches Julius Hodge shooting guard, and Julius Hodge will be the same as that specified in the first round of the draft the NBA in June next. He was tall and slim, Hodge, a nightmare competition at the college level. Was very athletic to be under guard to forward, and can get very tall, even by the guards. It will take a special player to close on his hands and feet.

    That was the player of Huskies who can guard Hodge, but was injured. If it was three weeks ago, Brandon Roy underwent arthroscopic surgery on his right knee. Shooting guard for a period of six feet and six inches, he has torn meniscus and was scheduled to miss four to six weeks of work. There was no way he could return after three weeks. Three weeks is incredibly ambitious. Not even the best players at the highest level of the game that does not return quickly from this type of injury. But there were rumors buzzing that Roy might try to play tonight, anyway. That would give it a go for the young team. He was determined to show against this discount tent, on the stage in prime time, despite any physical limitations that may have been detained again.

    At 4:00 pm Pacific Time, and opened the doors to the arena and the fans were allowed inside. We walked to our seats and I saw him in a friendly, gear, and shooting all over with his colleagues. The buzz grew. Brandon Roy was the occasion arrives. Just seeing him in anything except the clothes on the streets and everyone was stirring with excitement. This was the man we have. He was going to give it a try and a bad knee and all.

    This contest got under way after an hour. Huskies won the tip and took possession of the opening. And went up and blocked immediately by the Hodge NC State. This was preceded by an impact felt.

    Went back and forth scoring. Can not take on the leadership team for more than four points. Team did not abandon the defense. Can not find the groove on the team of the crime. Then, at the end of the first half, it happened. Sar coach Lorenzo Romar the bottom of his chair and cost him his stardom. Roy stood up and took off his shirt of fire. Walked to the table's top scorer with two goals in his right knee. Increased noise level. Play stopped. Seemed a century. And walked in the margin of No. 3.

    Sold the game on that day. Ten thousand people filled the building and announced not one, sitting as the name of Brandon Roy. This was, very likely, and replace most heralded in the history of basketball Eskimos.

    Jogged down the court, gingerly at first. Caught the ball and passed. He frequency. He was not a 1-100 percent. Was clear. Grabbed rebounds, and the crowd cheered. Around the clock ticked down to the end of the first half. His return, for a moment, and lost.

    In the second half, re-emerged Huskies with Roy on the bench again. This time, however, verify it was backed by five minutes had elapsed. This time, he refused to be present.

    He went up and down the court. Record is a steal. And his passing was crisp. Manned and raised in Hodge, and maintain the result of imposing his will on the offensive end of the word. He held in the future first-round selection of 15 points in the night, the worst performance of the season nascent.

    Taking snapshots. He made them. He does not miss. Not once. He finished with 10 points on 5-for 5 - fire. It was his final basket with no more doubt. With 2:36 remaining in the game and the Huskies clinging to a difference of three points, and senior Tre Simmons, his colleague Roy in high school, raised crossing that shook them. Knifing through traffic, and Roy emerged from a crowd of would-be rebounders, and reached with his left hand, and grabbed the errant shot, and slammed through the ring. The audience exploded. Be the arc in his right knee does not limit him. Brandon Roy has returned.

    Two minutes and thirty seconds later, with Washington up two points, and Julius Hodge put one final attempt to link Prince Alwaleed and send it to overtime. Brandon Roy prevented the attempt. Mobilize Simmons loose ball and was fouled by Hodge. I knocked down two free throws. The game is over. Huskies won by the number of 68-64.

    After the contest, Roy talked about his return. "I was nervous before going in," admitting, "and then trained and spoke to me in the transition which I love our fans and there is no better feeling than walking on the ground and heard the fans who cheered for you. Let me know they love me as much as I love them."

    Will go to the completion of the stars for a four-year career at the University of Washington. Helped take the Huskies in three straight games championship game NCAA. His name was Buck in 2006 - 10 Player of the Year as a senior. Will be selected sixth overall by the Minnesota Timberwolves - before being traded immediately to the Portland Trail Blazers - in the first round of the draft NBA '06. He became a recruiter NBA in 2007 year. And will send him three games all-star NBA. Was named second team All-NBA in 2009 and third team All-NBA in 2010. Played five seasons the NBA. Granted to it seven awards in this different bridge.

    He retired his jersey number (3) of the University of Washington in January 22, 2009, not three years after he had played his last game as a Husky. It was only the second player to his shirt retired by the program, joining Bob Houbregs to receive this honor.

    Was arguably the greatest basketball player in the history of freedom. Became a fan favorite in Portland, where he played in the entire pro career. Was highly respected by the fans as much as the difference competition was hometown fans.

    May not get another contract in play. He may not win the support of more offers, or to be on TV, or shoot baskets in front of tens of thousands of people for a longer period. But what it has, can not put a price on.

    As children, as we see our athletes. Every child who grows up watching the sport and a hero. Rarely, however, do not enter adulthood and find the heroes of our time. Brandon Roy was the rare exception. In college, and was our hero. Was a Fellow of us, but we who were idolized. Is that we want to be, who we want to join those who represent our school and our team the way we all want to represent. For those who call themselves the Washington Huskies, Roy is more than just a fellow Dawg. He is a legend in every sense of the word.

    Behind the affiliation with the school, he is an ambassador for the municipality to us. It's something priceless, everything is a public figure trying to achieve. And not in another city in the world on their actions and respect for the way athletes Brandon Roy in Seattle. Will be talked about for years. And children who will not see him playing the game we hear about it, and you will learn about it, and you will understand that this is the player that if you measured yourself against this country called the region.

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