Kris Jenner Has Got Bad Luck All the Time

    KRIS Jenner is just too busy to appear not her dance floor of Dancing With the Stars. So, she will not be amidst of her fans. She is basically very eager to join the competition as her son Rob Kardashian and Kim, but she just does not have any time to spare for the show.

    Bad luck! “She has too much work” a source said. Kris is also recently up to something else. She has disclosed that she thinks her daughter Kourtney Kardashian should name her baby after her.

    The showbiz matriarch doesn’t mind whether her daughter has a boy or a girl.“It should be Kris, of course,” Kris adds on. “Half of her wants it to be two boys or two girls as that’s fun for a little playmate.

    And then, of course you want what they don’t already have, but she is happy either way".

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