Tattoo Designs for the Lower Back

    The lower back tattoo is one of the tattoo favorites with younger women. It’s sexy without being over the top. It is common with young women who enjoy showing a little skin and like to find ways to flatter their figure.  Some women keep that area private and only display their lower back tattoo to their sexual partner or partners.  Other women like to show off their lower back tattoos by wearing low hugging pants or jeans with a short cropped top.

    Due to the popularity of the lower back tattoo,  there is a large selection of tattoo flash designed specifically for lower back tattoos.  The flow of the design fits perfectly across the lower back area.  The designs are varied to fit many personal tastes.  There are floral, tribal, fairies, wording, and portraits just to name a few examples.
    Pictures of lower back tattoo designs can be found online or on the walls of most tattoo shops.  If you find a design you like but feel it is incomplete or would like to add to the design, that is often possible without taking away from the flow you are trying to achieve in that area.   Talk to the tattoo artist who is doing the work about adding more to the design.  The tattoo artist can give his input which you should take into consideration.  They do this full time and they’re better able to determine what designs would work and which ones won’t.  At the least, take their opinion into consideration.
    For a lower back tattoo you may have to spend long periods lying on your stomach or straddling a chair as your artist adds your tattoo.  The area will be sore for 2-3 days and your pants would normally be rubbing and irritating the area.  If possible, wear loose fitting clothes or sweat pants so the area doesn’t get irritated.

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