Butterfly Tattoos

    Today the butterfly design is one of the most popular designs chosen for tattoo artwork. Recently, this has expanded to a popularity with men as well as women. Butterfly tattoo designs probably have gained this popularity over time due to the variety of style choices such as natural butterflies to fantasy or tribal style. In most flash artwork or tattoo books, will have a huge assortment and variety of butterfly tattoo designs to choose from.
    The butterfly shape is symmetrical and balanced. If you choose to capture the butterfly image in a realistic style,  this choice will still give you a beautiful range of colors as these creatures are naturally colorful and bright.
    The symbolic representation of the butterfly has different meanings to different cultures. There is no doubt that the butterfly is a positive symbol and most times it is used to represent a positive attitude, or is associated with a transformation or growth.
    Most commonly butterflies are used to symbolize transformation or an emergence to a better stage of life. In the same way that the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, a butterfly tattoo can symbolize a personal transformation or new phase in your life. Personal growth, change, or evolution can have a life altering impact and you may want to capture it permanently using the butterfly symbol as a reminder.
    Another reason many people choose the butterfly for their tattoo is just because of their sheer beauty.  They are delicate and colorful and pleasing to the eye.
    As with any tattoo, before you choose your design, do your research. The choices available for the butterfly design is vast. The internet, nature books, tattoo flash, various artists’ renditions are just a few places to begin your search. You can go with the realistic approach as well as a tribal symbol. You will not be hurting for choices!

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