Social contract? You can get fired in a hot one

    As a freelancer for 28 years, I see work drying up like a bead of water on a greasy diner griddle. But people in "jobs" are the real hostages of fortune. They serve at the discretion of the thieving or desperate.

    Well, maybe that’s harsh. It doesn’t help that these companies have been living on automatically renewed bridge loans like the rest of us and now those are gone. Zip—no money for payroll. Nope—small enough to fail. Commercial Darwinism—so sorry. See ya!

    Here is a neat site I found on how to occupy all your waking hours right after getting laid off.

    Check out:

    No…don’t scroll down and then start that mid-morning nappie. I saw you eyeing the couch. Dig. Drill! See where this takes you.

    My new philosophy is to try to stay local. If you need a job—check Craigs (loaded with idiots with the occasional gem) and walk through your local strip malls. People put signs in windows these days—it’s all very 30s.

    Another approach—go into a nearby office building and go door to door until someone tosses you. No soliciting! Well, I wasn’t offering THAT…

    Or maybe we will be offering THAT, who knows. Not that I have anything to put on the street anymore.

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